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No1 News Telugu

Entwickler MV Creatives

An Unbiased approach to diverse views,- Promote Human Values- News that captures the truth behind the visuals- Special Attention marginalized people *Dalits * Women * Minorities…- Protection, Human Rights Programs , Informative and Innovative to all varieties of viewers.- Develop a Tolerant and Intellectual Society From:MSR Broadcasting Pvt.LtdM Sai Sudhakar is a renowned Leader, Visionary and Founder, Managing director for MSR Group of Companies which currently employees over 3000 people all over the country. He also runs a charitable trust on the name ‘MSR Charitable Trust and carries out various welfare programs for the common man. Putting aside his vast experience in Business, he now enters “Journalism” with a weapon called “No.1 News Channel”. He says “No.1 News Channel wants to be the Social Weapon for every Common Man”. No.1 News Channel questions, fights and cherishes for a Common Man.